Whitemarsh Election Results: Democrats Win Supervisor Spots

See who won the township supervisor race.

While the results still need certification from the county's Board of Elections, unofficial numbers show the Democratic ticket for Whitemarsh supervisor winning all three open seats.

Incumbent Sara Erlbaum, Amy Grossman and Catherine Peduzzi each finished with over 17 percent of the vote individually, totaling in over 52 percent of the overall vote.

Republican incumbent David Brook finished with the lowest percentage of votes of any candidate with 15.51 percent, while fellow ticket members Richard Cutler and Michael Zeock finished with 16.16 percent and 16.06 percent, respectively.

14,784 residents cast votes in the supervisor race.

Unofficial winners, in races where all precincts have reported, are shown in bold type. Incumbents are designated with asterisks.

All results are unofficial until certified by the county's Board of Elections.


Votes Percentage Total Votes Sara Erlbaum (D)*
2,618 17.71 Amy Grossman (D)
2,579 17.44 Catherine Peduzzi (D)
2,531 17.12 Richard Cutler (R)
2,389 16.16 Michael A. Zeock (R)
2,374 16.06 David E. Brooke (R)*
2,293 15.51 14,784


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