Police: Woman Brutally Assaulted by Lafayette Hill Man

Authorities say the man threw victim down a flight of stairs during the assault.

A 43-year-old Lafayette Hill man is behind bars and facing felony assault charges after police believe he viciously attacked a woman.

The victim told police that John Henry O'Donnell III, 43, entered her Whitemarsh home on Sep. 7 at just before 10 p.m. and began to repeatedly strike her in the face with his fist. O'Donnell then pushed her down a flight of stairs from the kitchen to the basement, before descending the flight of stairs himself and kicking her repeatedly, the victim told police.

After O'Donnell fled the residence, the victim's children, who were home at the time but did not witness the alleged assault, texted pictures and a description of what occurred to another family member, who called police.

Police say that when they arrived, the victim was extremely upset and had visible injuries to her face, arm, hand and knee. Police say the victim told them she feared for her life and the safety of her children, claiming that O'Donnell had assaulted her in the past and threatened to kill her.

The victim and her children were transported to a family member's house for safety. According to a Whitemarsh Police officer, O'Donnell turned himself in to authorities at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sep. 12.

Court records show that O'Donnell was arraigned before magisterial district justice Harold Borek and was charged with felony aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct. He was transported to county prison in lieu of $25,000 bail and is next scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Sep. 21 at 9:30 a.m.

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Arvinder Singh September 14, 2012 at 10:42 AM
Never raise your hand on Women. Good or Bad. If you can't reason with them, leave them alone. Not every person is bad but some will make your life miserable and it goes both ways. Parting ways amicably is the best way to go. Reason, think and act. Fights, Jails, Judicial system does not change anybody's character but does more harm. Think about it.
henry eroh September 18, 2012 at 06:57 PM
jealousy is a terrible thing as maybe that is what caused this-if so he will probably never get over it and yes he should spend alot of time in jail and heavy fines but will it stop- first he is a dumb as- as you never hit a woman-never- but there are women who are not that and will attack a man in a heartbeat for those I have no answer- hopefully he will learn but so many do not and alot more abuse goes on than is reported or people know of


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