Philadelphia Woman Punches Wisconsin Woman in Face at Conshohocken Strip Club

The following information was provided by the Whitemarsh Police Department.

Charges are pending on a Philadelphia woman after she assaulted an out-of-towner at 7th Heaven on Feb. 16.

According to the report the department provided Patch, at 6:06 p.m. that evening, Whitemarsh Police responded to a report of a fight in progress at the bar. Once on the scene, officers made contact with a 36-year-old Wisconsin woman who was hiding in the bathroom with another woman, waiting for police. The woman was crying and bleeding from her nose and mouth.

The officer spoke to the companion, because the bloodied woman spoke broken English, and she told the officer that her friend was talking to a male patron at the bar when a Philadelphia woman, 29, approached her and began striking her in the face. The witness explained that the male patron tried to break up the fight, but the Philadelphia woman continued unabated. The male patron in question, in a separate conversation, corroborated this account.

The Philadelphia woman, however, told officers a different story: while admitting to the assault, she said the victim had been making defamatory remarks about her, which provoked an argument between the two, at which point the male patron violently pushed her. This, she said, is what provoked the multiple blows she delivered to the victim’s head.

A surveillance video the owner subsequently showed police provided an imperfect angle of the action, but did clearly show the Wisconsin woman sitting with the male patron and the Philadelphia woman assaulting her. It also, however, showed the male patron pushing the Philadelphia woman back after the assault began.

Charges are pending on the Philadelphia woman, and police say the male patron will be cited by mail for disorderly conduct. The Wisconsin woman was transported to Mercy Suburban Hospital for her injuries.


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