Man Grabs Narcotics, Year-Old Son, Abandons Scene of Accident

The following information was provided by the Whitemarsh Police Department.

The Whitemarsh Police Department arrested a Philadelphia man on Feb. 16 after he fled the scene of an accident with narcotics and his one-year-old son in tow.

According to the report the department provided Patch, at 2:43 p.m. that afternoon, police were alerted to a two-car accident on the corner of Ridge Pike and Ash Lane. The striking vehicle, a GMC SUV, was found down an embankment on Green Valley Country Club’s property.

When police arrived, witnesses on the scene reported seeing the driver of the GMC—later identified as 32-year-old resident of the 6000 block of Limekiln Pike in Philadelphia—leave the vehicle with a small child and “take off.”

Other witnesses said the man was seen running through the parking lot of the country club and headed in the direction of Spring Mill Road. An officer then spotted the man, still carrying the child, running westbound on Ridge Pike through backyards towards Spring Mill Road. The officer cut him off and approached him on Hunter Road and Spring Mill Road.

Once cornered, the man approached the officer aggressively, holding the small child up as a shield. The officer indicated in the report that he asked the man to give him the child and wrote that he was getting nervous because he couldn’t see the man’s hands.

Out of options, the officer physically removed the child from the mans arms, and, with the help of other officers who arrived on the scene, wrestled him to the ground and cuffed him.

Officers subsequently found a baggy of marijuana and four pills in a gum wrapper in his pocket. The pills were identified as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride— a muscle relaxer. Later, while checking the SUV for damage, an officer found a partially smoked cigar containing marijuana.

The man agreed to have blood drawn for narcotics testing. The child’s grandmother took custody of him at the hospital.

The driver of the other vehicle—a resident of 400 Jean Drive in King of Prussia—went to Chestnut Hill hospital for neck and back injuries.


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