Burglar Breaks into Country Club Trophy Case, Rides off on Golf Cart

The Sunnybrook Country Club was the site of an unusual burglary last week.

Hey Sunnybrook Country Club burglar: Bill Murray just called from the set of Caddyshack III, and he wants his shtick back.

A Whitemarsh Township Police report details a September 13th burglary of the country club, in which it appears a burglar broke into a trophy case and used a golf cart to make a getaway across the course.

Police say they responded to Sunnybrook just before 4 a.m., after a security alarm on the club's back terrace doors was triggered for the second time that night. When they arrived, police found an open door to the kitchen and began searching the building. Eventually, they came across the club's trophy case, its doors ripped from their hinges and contents missing.

The officers then saw that furniture in front of the back terrace doors had been tossed to the side, and the doors forced open and damaged. Outside, police observed fresh tire tracks leading from the back terrace to the west side of the golf course. The officers followed the tracks into a wooded area by the 13th green, and discovered an abandoned golf cart among the trees.

A K-9 unit from the Cheltenham Police Department was called in, and was able to successfully track a scent south from the golf cart to Artis Road, off Camburn Road, where the trail went cold.

Whitemarsh detectives were then called in to further investigate the scene. The report did not detail what items were stolen from the trophy case or what their value was.

But if double-bogey Dave shows up at your monthly golf outing sporting a new trophy, you may want to check the engraving date.

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