$15,000 in Gold, Silver Bars Stolen from Plymouth Meeting Porch

A FedEx deliveryman says a construction worker signed for a package containing the bars.

Nearly $15,000 worth of gold and silver bars were lifted from the porch of a Plymouth Meeting home last month, in an apparent botched delivery by FedEx, a Whitemarsh Police report says.

According to the report, a 42-year-old female resident of the home called police on October 26 to report the theft. The woman told police that she had ordered seven gold and six silver bars from the American Precious Medal Exchange, and had called FedEx to check on the status of the package. FedEx stated that the package had been recorded as delivered at 10:30 a.m. on October 18, but the woman said that she and her husband were at work at that time.

According to the report, police contacted a FedEx investigator, who then spoke with the driver of the delivery vehicle. The driver stated that upon delivery, a construction worker and an unmarked white truck with a ladder were at the home. The construction worker told the driver that the homeowners weren't there and that he would sign for the package. The construction worker then placed the package by the front door, the driver said.

The driver also said that he'd forgotten to confirm the signature until he was already on to the next delivery, resulting in the driver logging in the homeowner as having received the package. When the homeowner did arrive, the package was nowhere to be found, she told police.

The stolen precious metals were listed as seven "Credit Suisse" gold bars, valued at $12,786.53, and six 10-ounce silver bars, valued at $2,199.60.


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