Recycle Your Electronics at Whole Foods

The supermarket is hosting an upcoming e-recycling event.

On Feb. 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Whole Foods is hosting a at its location. The supermarket will be accepting for disposal electronics of all stripes—including computers, monitors, printers, air-conditioners, and household appliances. In short, as its slogan goes, "anything with a plug."

Whole Foods representative Amy Chidichimo said the store–which is one of several in the Philadelphia region that are participating–will have employees stationed outside to help would-be recyclers unload their cars, but emphasized that the event will be first come, first serve.

"Once all of our collection bins are full for the day we have to stop. So I would encourage people to get there early. The earlier the better."

Chidichimo added that this is the third year Whole Foods has hosted such an event, the last two of which it has done in partnership with South Philadelphia recycling firm eForce Compliance.

"They have a really great environmental policy," Chidichimo said.

She explained that eForce repurposes many of the materials it collects, has a zero landfill policy, does all of its processing domestically, and is exceedingly transparent.

"They also make sure to destroy any sensitive data [on computers]," she added in response to concerns about identity theft.


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