Web Restaurant Review: Ye Olde Ale House

See what people around the web are saying about this Lafayette Hill eatery.


Address: 405 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill

Style: American

Food: Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, sea food

Atmosphere: Casual

Parking: Free lot

Price Range: Moderate

Unique Feature: Hot roast beef, vegetarian

Thinking about stopping by the ? Below are a collection of some of the most insightful customer reviews from around the web.



  • "The Beef and Ale (aka Ye Olde Ale House) is a landmark. Take the name literally...they are good at two things: beef and beer. And you really don't need to worry about much else."
  • "Some of my friends took me to one of their local bars in walking distance from their house. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the smell. The place smells like roast beer and some other funky smell. Unfortunately, I had already eaten at another bar in walking distance and didn't have room for their roast beef sandwiches. Right in the middle of the bar was a roast beef carving sandwich. You can't miss it. They were pumping out fresh roast beef all night long. I was amazed."
  • "The beef speaks for itself. Legend.....ary!  Mussels are my favorite....two dozen for around $8-10. (Get them in red) Very good tap selection including dogfish!  Another gem...the continental fries.  Great vibe and atmosphere. Very old school/family run kinda place."

City Search:

  • "First, the Ale House isn't clean. The rest rooms are filthy and atrociously outdated. But, the pub sandwiches are great, the drinks are cheap and the service is not bad."

Urban Spoon:

  • "Best roast beef sandwiches in town Fries are good. Soda refills are not free- they need to get with it on that aspect!"
  • "Incredibly rude staff! One bartender sold me a beer and then told me to leave. Maybe he should have served it in a to go cup. My friend tried to order a sandwich, they wouldn't let her change the bread or have lettuce and tomato because they didn't think it would be good that way."

Insider Pages:

  • "The roast beef sandwiches are packed and full of flavor! The prices are great and the service is usually quick unless a high school football lets out and they are packed- but otherwise this place is good!"
  • "They have some great food. My mom takes me there a lot. My mom had went to school with the owners kids. They teat us well when we go there. They have the best roast beef and good seafood. They have good service."


  • "If you've ever eaten at places like Durgin Park in Boston you can appreciate the no-nonsense approach to good food in this long established eatery. So what that it has character, and Norm and Cliff, to boot? Leave your political correctness at the door and get a roast beef sandwhich and "a little from the outside". The mushroom balls are to die for. And remember, you only live once, so go for it!"


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