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Address: 103 Spring Mill Avenue, Conshohocken

Style: Italian

Food: Pizza, fries, salad, pasta, chicken parmagiana, roast beef and cheesesteaks.

Atmosphere: Casual

Parking: Free lot; On-street metered

Price Range: Moderate

Unique Feature: Low calorie, vegetarian

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Menu Pages:

  • Ted's makes one of the best pizza's around. There is a lot of good competition in the Conshohocken area but Ted's is simply the best. I've been going there for years... I can only hope they will be around for many years to come!
  • I love this place. I order takeout about once a week (at least 5 years now). Cheesesteak salad is a fairly new addition to the menu (a satisfying low carb option). Great stromboli, loaded with good stuff good for at least 2 people. The salads are huge. The food is great. This is a tiny pizza shop, I recommend takeout only.
  • This was truly the best tasting cheesesteak stromboli I have ever had. My boyfriend and I split a greek salad and the stromboli. The meal was fantastic, inexpensive, and we probably could have even shared all this food with a third/fourth person! We had immediate and very friendly service. I will definitely be back to try the pizza!


  • I love this place. I've been coming here since I was about 9-10 years old. My family and I used to come here, without fail, every Thursday night. We always got pizza, cheese fries, and salad. Back then, Ted was also able to teach me a little bit of Greek in order to earn a Girl Scout badge....He has gotten even sweeter over the years. He and his wife remember all of their loyal customers without fail (which my grandfather, who grabs food there every Friday, absolutely loves) and they always seem to be in a good mood. I've never experienced slow or bad service here....Definitely a place to hit if you are in the area.
  • Currently my favorite cheesesteak place. Meat is chopped up, put in a roll, topped with american cheese then placed in the oven to melt the cheese.  What cheese steak place shows you that much love?  When you are done eating there should be a nice pool of grease and cheese on your plate.  That never hurt anyone.  I don't know what he does to the meat but its seasoned well and tender.  Must be high quality beef.
  • I tried the cheesesteak Stromboli after reading some of the rave reviews on google and even though I don't know what a really good cheesesteak tastes like, I have to say that this was pretty good!  I was a little surprised that it takes them 25min to bake a stromboli, but when it finally came out, the thing was freaking massive.  They said it usually feeds two people, which is quite good considering it only cost about $10.  I would definitely recommend bringing a friend to help you devour the thing.  If you are a local, I would recommend checking out this little place.  They seemed to have a pretty devoted clientele. Watch out for parking though because there aren't a lot of space!

Google Reviews:

  • Ted's Place has some of the best pizza in the Conshohocken area. I recently moved out of the area but at least once a month find my way back to Ted's for their great food. Great family-run business! 
  • Native to the Philly/south jersey area for years and this is up there with the best cheesesteaks I ever ate. Really, really tasty meat. Slightly different than the usual compressed frozen stuff. It’s thin and chopped up small and nice but you can almost see the grain of the meat if you really examine it. It’s friggin’ awesome. Also they hook it up with the cheese. And a Simpsons painting in the kitchen! This place is awesome. 

City Search:

  • This is definitely the greatest cheesesteak place. One of my friends had an Italian Hoagie, and the other had a Roast Beef Salad (trying to stick with his diet). We barely spoke to each other during the meal because we could not stop eating. The portions were huge, but we did not leave anything on our plates. The atmosphere is average, but the great tasting food and the spectacular prices make up for it. Some customers next to us ordered a pizza, and it smelled awesome! I will definitely have one next time I go.
  • A whole lot more than I expected from a pizzeria. The Greek salad was spectacular. My co-worked enjoyed the Royal Steak and a small white pizza. Come with an appetite, their portions are huge. Extremely friendly service.

Urban Spoon:

  • I've never had anything other than a great meal at Ted's. Everyone there is very friendly & the prices are more than reasonable. As I've told countless people, the cheesesteak stromboli is one of the best dishes available anywhere, and should be tried by every cheesesteak fan in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Penny Brodie February 28, 2012 at 05:57 PM
My late husband and I used to frequent Ted's all the time when we were in Conshy. Best cheesteaks in the world and the pizza is awesome. Ted and his family are the best, and when I get a chance and am in the neighborhood, I stop in for the cheese pizza. What a delight. Never change Ted....Penny Brodie


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