Web Restaurant Review: From the Boot

Voices from around the web sound off on the Lafayette Hill eatery.

Restaurant: From the Boot

Address: 517 Germantown Pike Lafayette Hill

Style: Italian

Food: Traditional Italian dishes such as chicken and veal parmigiana, gourmet pizzas, and pastas

Atmosphere: Casual

Parking: Free lot

Price Range: Moderate

Unique Feature: Dine-in and take-out options available, Vegetarian options


Thinking about stopping by From the Boot? Below are a collection of some of the most insightful customer reviews from around the web.



“Good food, nice decor, good service. I like coming here with big groups because everyone can find something they like and since it's a byob we can afford to go often.”

“The garlic bread here is to die for. It is so good! Their food is also good; I think the pasta's are the best choices. It is small and can get crowded. They do not take reservations so plan on waiting. They will give you wine glasses (it's a BYO) and you can have a glass of wine while you wait.”


City Search:

“If you are looking to have someone open a jar of pasta sauce and serve it over boiled pasta from a box, then that's the place for you. Even my 10 year old nephew can fix something better for dinner. Prices are fair.”

“Love this restaurant! The Shrimp Scampi is the best I ever had. Incredible bruschetta that is always fresh! The manager is nice and friendly always greets us. I am a fan for life!”



“We're just back home from a lovely evening at From the boot - the service was great and the food was delicious. The atmosphere was warm, comfortable even though it was loud - it's a friendly loud. We'll be back to try other menu items.”


Menu Pages:

“The food and service at this restaurant render me speechless each time I visit. The cannoli's are fantastic (the tiramisu is somewhat disappointing, but not enough to impact this review). FYI- this place gets very busy and it isn't uncommon to have to wait 45 min to an hour for a table. It's well worth it.”

“Love this place. We try something new every time we eat here and it's always fantastic. Can't go wrong eating here. Great food, great service and value. 4 out of 5 stars.”



“Love this place, great food and a BYO to boot!...get it???????!!? boot?!  Ok kidding, but I love the food here and the only bummer is I've spent a few nights waiting outside for 1.5 - 2 hours for a table.  Be ready if you have a big group.  You'll be outside for awhile to bring enough wine to make standing outside fun, and then some for dinner too!”


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