Shade Trees to be Planted in Conshohocken Friday

Borough's Shade Tree Commission says residents can request trees for 2013.

Conshohocken is going to get a little shadier on Friday-- and in a good way.

The borough's Shade Tree Commission is set to plant ten new trees at various locations in the borough, in an effort to help keep the town green. According to a statement from the commission, three Horn Beams, two Dawn Redwoods, and a Beech tree will be planted at Aubrey Collins Park. The remaining four trees are residential trees that will be planted between the sidewalk and the street at several homes through the borough, the commission said.

Part of the Shade Tree Commission's responsibility is to carefully review places where trees need to be planted and select species that naturally fit that location. Residents of Conshohocken can request a shade tree by e-mailing conshohockenshadetree@gmail.com, and will be considered for 2013 planting.


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