Guppy's Good Times Owner Talks New Location

Guppy's is opening a second location on Germantown Pike in East Norriton.

Conshohocken's hot spot, Guppy's Good Times bar, will be opening a second location on Germantown Pike in East Norriton in early April.

Robin Gupta, owner of Guppy's, said the new location will have the same feel as the Conshohocken location, but with a slightly more modern look to it.

Looks aside, the values of Guppy's will be the same across the board - they will recycle every bottle, Saturday nights will be for charities, and food sourced from the local farm, Maple Acres Farm in Plymouth Meeting.

"Community is a big part of the business…and we should operate with them in mind," said Gupta.

The new location will feature live music on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, and some Saturday nights, with some bands already booked.

Gupta said the Conshohocken location, which has been in the community for seven and a half years, has been doing great and is packed Thursdays through Sundays.

He told Patch that he hired a chef, Jose Vargas, las year, and said, "The food is outstanding." He continued that there is no freezer is the restaurant, so everything is fresh, and they try to locally source as much produce and meats from Maple Acres Farm as they can, which also means the menu changes seasonally.

"He's a very talented chef," Gupta said.

Gupta added that the Conshy Crush, the bar's signature drink of grape and cherry vodka, mixed with Tang and Sprite is a huge hit, and they sell more than 2,000 of them each month.

He continued that because the food, the restaurant, the bar, everything has been going so well in Conshohocken, it was time to open a second location, and the space in East Norriton offered a space for growth and a location that filled a need in the community.

One thing that has been added in Conshohocken location that will be continued at both locations in the weekend breakfast. Gupta said Guppy's is open for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, with eggs, and bacon sourced fresh from Maple Acres, and a lot of creativity from the chef.

In Conshohocken, the 16 taps are a mix of local and craft breweries, as well as some of the bigger name beers. In East Norriton, Gupta has 10 taps at the bar and is planning on having all 10 taps dedicated to local and craft brews, but will still carry the national brands in bottles.

Learn more about Guppy's and watch the status of the construction in East Norriton on their website and on their Facebook page.


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