Carpenters Protest New Conshy Condos

The Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters is protesting at the Sherry Lake property regarding non-union carpentry work at the new Courts at Spring Mill condominium community.


Union carpenters are protesting outside of Sherry Lake Apartments on Butler Pike with a sign reading “Home Properties Inc. Hurts our Community,” because the owners of Sherry Lake, Home Properties, is using non-union carpenters to build The Courts at Spring Mill Station, the newest waterfront development on Hector Street, the protestors say.

According to the Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters, members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Home Properties, Inc., is “harming our community” by hiring Penntex Construction Management as its general contractor on the $79 million Spring Mill Station property, located at 1101 East Hector Street.

Penntex Construction Management hired D’Onofrio Concrete and Pentel Enterprises as its carpentry sub-contractors, who “pay their employees substandard wages and low benefit standards, well below the standards established in this community through countless years of struggle,” according to a flyer handed out by protestors.

“Does Home Properties Inc. expect to reap huge profits as the expense of an underpaid workforce?” asks the council, who urges residents to call Home Properties, Inc. to let them know that the labor practices are “unacceptable in our community.”

Joe schreiber February 28, 2013 at 02:03 AM
A question I would like answered is how many nonunion companies and employees cheat on their taxes by paying employees cash under the table?


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