Now they are coming for your CATS !

War on Cats!

Unreal ! Progressives are now concerned about Kitty eliminating the Mice population! Can we all join hands and say ' What is wrong with these people"?

I wonder who funded this story? 

Do these people just dream all day what they can

take or ban or trounch on next ?

Dictators ! People need to Vote the Democrat Socialist out in the 2014 mid term elections. 

recent study found that cats are killing mice at an astonishing rate.

Anthropogenic threats, such as collisions with man-made structures, vehicles, poisoning and predation by domestic pets, combine to kill billions of wildlife annually. Free-ranging domestic cats have been introduced globally and have contributed to multiple wildlife extinctions on islands. The magnitude of mortality they cause in mainland areas remains speculative, with large-scale estimates based on non-systematic analyses and little consideration of scientific data. Here we conduct a systematic review and quantitatively estimate mortality caused by cats in the United States. We estimate that free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.4–3.7 billion birds and6.9–20.7 billion mammals annually. Un-owned cats, as opposed to owned pets, cause the majority of this mortality. Our findings suggest that free-ranging cats cause substantially greater wildlife mortality than previously thought and are likely the single greatest source of anthropogenic mortality for US birds and mammals.Scientifically sound conservation and policy intervention is needed to reduce this impact.





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Sergei MacCarron February 05, 2013 at 06:33 PM
Barb, how many times have you been 302'd? It sounds like you need to spend another week or two in building 50, your paranoid schizophrenia is flaring up again.


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